Our 2 thousand sq. ft. fabrication shop consist of ten state-of -the-art stone-cutting CNC saws including Park CNC, Prodigy, Terzago saws and more.

With the Cutting Edge™ technology, our saws are fully computer programmable and capable of slicing thin sections of stone with precise accuracy, cutting everything from straight to ornate shapes.This versatile and automated cutting system has a hydraulically-operated cutting table that can slab stone 1-1/2" to 18" thick and up to 10 feet in length.

From start to finish, Betz Cut Stone works to ensure a positive experience for you. Once your project is complete, the pieces are transported from our cut shop to your installation site. We ensure each shipment is carried out with the same attention to detail as the creation of the piece itself.

Cutting a Pillar    Cutting a Pillar    Cutting a Pillar    Cutting a Pillar    Cutting a Pillar   

Custom Detailing    Address Stone    Number Stone    Custom Shapes    Flame Stick   

Flower Box    Custom Address Stone    Custom Window Surround