Large Flagstone is any natural stone material that is flat enough to walk on and is not too thick. From 1/2" to 2 1/2" is ideal for patios, walks, pool decks, ponds, indoor flooring, hearths and wall facing. Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Quartzite, marble and Slate are some of the stones used for Flagstone. Flagstone is produced in random crazy paving and squares, and rectangular shapes.


Random Flagstone

Random Flagstone comes in many different materials: Granite, Sandstone, Marble, Slate and Limestone. The edges of the stone are broken randomly. They come in different shapes and sizes. Stone is sorted by thickness on pallets of 2 ton.

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Birks Granite Cascade Large Oversized Flagstone Cascade Oversized Flagstone Cascade Random Flagstone Cascade/Owen Sound/Wiarton Colorado Red Credit Valley Credit Valley Flagstone

Ebel Premium Eldorado Chocolate Forest Valley Kingston Hue Lilac Kingston Hue Red Kingston Salmon Flagstone Midnight Mist Pennsilvania

Pennsylvannia Random Flagstone Pennsylvannia Random Large Flagstone Quartzite Random Rainbow South Bay Flagstone South Bay Flagstone Skid Southbay Quartzite Vermont Slate

Vermont Valley Run